About Me

My name is Vanessa and I am currently a university student living off campus. I wanted to create a website dedicated to easy recipes for students and people on a budget. I focus on meals that make great leftovers as there is nothing I hate more than doing dishes! If you have any recipe Ideas yourself, please feel free to send me an email here and I will try out your recipe and maybe I’ll even add it to the blog!

The Early Days

When I left home I had never cooked a meal in my life. You can imagine the shock I encountered on my first night out of home when I realised that I had no idea how to cook. I spent my first 3 months living off oven and micriwave meals, by the end of which my skin was super oily and I smelt like cheese constantly.

Experimentation is Key

I dedicated my next month (coincidently during the winter holidays) to find and learn new recipes for myself that I could make on a regular basis during the semester. I focused on finding cheap recipes that I could make with the few utensils I had left. I left that winter with 6 solid recipes that I could create easily and cheaply and that number has only grown since. 

The Future

I hope this website will be a great tool for others who were in my position. Cooking for one and on a tight budget. I am constantly looking for new recipe ideas that I can add to my recipe roster and love learning new tricks for making my cooking more efficent, and with less dishes! 

Always growing and Learning

While this website is always building and getting better. Every time I hear a new recipe idea I cant wait to get home and try it for myself and judge how cheap and easy it is to make for myself. 

Recipes Published

Semesters Finished

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